Busy Nights, Quiet Days

This morning around 3 a.m. the sky was beautiful.  The sky looked like a planetarium.  I was trying to enjoy it as I shivered holding Jake’s leash.  Somewhere around 2:45 I felt a thump on the edge of the bed.  Luna.  She jumps and puts her front feet on the bed – hard.  Ok. ok.  All three dogs wanted out, cats wanted in.  It was a regular traffic  jam at my bedroom door.

Hmmm   First time I’ve ever said that.hallway


It was a really pretty day starting with an amazing sunrise when I finally decided to roll out of bed.  Snow is gone, sky is blue.  Would be the perfect running day….    I have decided that I will be able to start running – well at least walking and running again at the end of November.  Wonder what the Docs would think of that?  I have no idea where I came up with that.  Just feel like I need a recuperation goal………


This is how I have felt for the last 4 months.  SOMEthing is always hurting.



I don’t know why I keep calling that Doctor….



Anyway back to real life:



See the conflict in my life?  I want to run – can’t.  Want to be healthy – love Pizza.


So tomorrow is my p.t. appointment.  My exercises consist of using a play-doh type stuff.  I’m trying to do it often because it shows me how weak the thumbs are!  She told me I had to hold off on the pottery.  Patience, Anne, patience.

I also went to a new eye doctor this week.  I just haven’t felt like my eyesight wasn’t improving after my other appointments.  Wow.  What a difference.  Just goes to show you – if you aren’t completely happy with any doctor, you need to find a new one.

It’s almost the weekend!   I hope you have a great Friday.  Do something this weekend that you’ve been meaning to do……..

One step at a time,




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