Can we decorate yet?

Thanksgiving is over.     Sooooo…..


Today became a shopping day.  So we drove 2 hours to get to the big city where there are actual department and chain stores!  I must say it was a pretty successful day.


I have this one problem.  I tend to want to buy stuff for me, too.  Anyone else have that problem?


Unfortunately   luckily, PH kept a close eye on the purchases.

On the way home, we saw our mystery trucker had decorated his tree again.  Its in the median – in the middle of nowhere.




The closer we got home the grayer the skies became.  There is still snow on our section of the mountain.



Once we got home the critters thought it was supper time even though they were rewarded with McDonald’s burgers on the trip.  This is the “we want food” pose.



This is the “hey, are you feeding them ?” look I got.


Murray looks determined to find his own dinner:



And this is where the horses wait at dusk (right out the back door) till they see me heading for their barn.



Wait a minute.  I’m starting to see a pattern here.  My day is centered around who I am feeding at the time.

And guess what, now it’s CYBER Monday!  I can finish all my shopping from the  couch!

I am saving how much?  AND free shipping?   Add to cart.    Oh I love this.


I hope you are ready for the season!

One step at a time,



2 thoughts on “Can we decorate yet?

  1. The decorated tree in the middle of nowhere is hilarious. We have a rough trail that meanders beside our river and people here love to decorate random trees. It’s really beautiful. I get the “we want food” pose from my dog and cat every second of every day. 🙂

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