Catching up mid-week on the Cape

Well it’s mid-week catch up time.  We are having a wonderful time.  Lots of good conversations and laughter and. of course,  good food.

We drove over to Chatham one morning for breakfast because when I was here with my sisters last year, we fell in love with The Captain’s Table.  Guess what sis’s?  It’s still just as yummy.  I also took a picture of the tiny road that led to the house we rented. 

We also went to the town of Falmouth to walk around.  So cute.  This is what a typical town in Cape Cod looks like. 

Quaint little shops and restaurants and lots of trees and beautiful flowers.  And apparently, now that I look at this picture…… lots of summertime traffic!


To remind me of home, we found this lone turkey holding a parking spot for someone.

I found some appropriate signs.

Lunch was at a french bakery.


My sister-in-law and I sat outside and thoroughly enjoyed our sandwiches.

Lots of beach time.   Can you ever get enough?


Tonight we had an unbelievable dinner cooked for us by my S-I-L Claire and her boyfriend Mike.  It was almost too pretty to eat. 

But I managed.   🙂

I did fit in one short 2-mile run the other day and it felt ok.  So maybe again tomorrow.   Heading for the beach in the morning and then some more sightseeing further out on the cape.

I have been sneaking in episodes of my Netflix show ‘The Killing’ each night on my laptop.  I’m trying not to wake Patient Husband so I’ve been using the subtitles but tonight I have gotten out my earphones.    I can’t stop watching it!


Me:     “I’m Exhausted”

Also Me:  “Just one more episode”..

               I swear it’s the last one…….

Hope you are all having a great week.


One step at a time,




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