Christmas and family

My day started with a 4:45 alarm because I needed to get to work extra early so I could leave early.  My house is decorated, lights are up, packages wrapped and yet…… it doesn’t seem like its Christmas Eve. Have you ever felt that way?

I ran to Walmart this afternoon – one of my holiday traditions.  Actually the sugar cookies I made last night looked so pretty and tasted so bad.  I’m not sure what went wrong.  But I needed to get the old fashioned slice and bake cookies to replace them.  Look what I found:


Will you be my valentine, Santa?

The most exciting part of my day today was driving to Billings Montana to pick up my son and daughter-in-law at the airport.  I am so excited to have them here over Christmas.   All I needed was my trusty coffee mug  (the absolute best travel mug EVER)


It was a beautiful night.



Can you believe the full moon!  It will be the first full moon on Christmas night since the 70’s!


And almost 30 minutes early – they are here!   (first 2 on the left)


Now it feels like Christmas.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas Eve and hope your dreams are full of family, love, sugarplums and, of course, running.  ♥


Does anyone have a foolproof sugar cookie recipe ?

Whats your favorite thing to bake for Christmas?

Will you be spending Christmas with family?

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