Cloudy, Cool day – Put on the Coffee, and the Comfy Clothes

Today was a nice peaceful Labor Day at this place.  Well until our kids the dogs got up.  Then it was on.  Round and round their dog-made racetrack they went mixing it up every few minutes with collisions.   Time to get up.

It really seemed like the first day of Autumn.  Clouds rolling in and out, and the temps stayed in the low 50s here on the mountain.  It also meant a whole day in my comfy clothes.16387-This-Is-My-Life-Comfy-Clothes-Before I retired, I used to dream of these days!  And they are just as good as I dreamed they’d be!  Had some good phone calls from one of my sisters and one of my sisters-in-law.

This ol’ body is really starting to feel better.  First, my heel.  I was going from the barn to the house with the dogs and broke into a little jog.  NO PAIN!  Just a week ago, I ran about 30 feet at work and was in incredible pain.  So this is wonderful.

The right hand is doing well and I’m amazed how much I can do with this weak hand of mine.  If I grab the fork in a certain way I can actually eat without making a mess – well most of the time.   Celebrate!



On the other hand…I was so wanting to say that….. The left hand is still pretty painful but the swelling is going down each day.


I had a lot of recorded shows to catch up on and I even caught Luna intently watching one of them!


And then I gently reminded    nagged Patient Husband until he cut up the watermelon.



Ahhhh heaven.



For dinner, I dug out a recipe I had downloaded and printed.  Zucchini Pasta with Lentil Bolognese.    With just a little encouragement, PH accepted his nomination as Chef.

First, spiralized squash and zucchini.


Then a sauce with  lentils:

(I forgot to take a picture before we ate.)


Put it all together and Voila!!!!  A big bowl of Yum.



I hope this 3 day weekend was fun, filled with good food and peaceful for you.

So lets head on out the door with Monday already behind us……. one step at a time.




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