Cowboys, Cattle, Horses and No Idea of the Time

I truly dislike wind.  Now, I am referring specifically to Wyoming wind.  This is not the gentle breeze that feels so good against your sunbaked face or arms.  Not the stronger breeze that is so wonderful at the ocean.  Not even the wind that comes in occasional gusts that makes you grab your hat or blows your hair around.

This is year-round, non-stop, whistling, window shaking, lawn furniture moving, shingle removing wind.  When we were looking at our property with thoughts of building our dream home, people said “it can get windy here”.   Uh, yeeaaah.

So last night – all night – the wind was blowing.  I got up a few times to shut the windows tighter because the ‘whistling’ was driving me nuts.  When I opened the doors to let the dogs out, they all hesitated.  “Seriously?  We have to go out in that?”

The early this morning,  there was a cattle drive up our road this morning.  I couldn’t open the storm door to go out and take pictures!  Honest!  I had to go out a back door.   But despite all that,  I do love watching all cattle drives.


And some cowboys.


Note they all have ball caps on instead of cowboy hats!  What is this world coming to?  Patient Husband calmed down my ranting by suggesting that ball caps may stay on in the wind better than cowboy hats.  Ok, well, maybe.

Love seeing the cowgirls.


EXCEPT, she is riding in an English saddle.  This is the west, people.

Some of the most fun was watching Durango and Banjo.  They raced up and down the pasture, continuously whinnying (is that a word I just made up?).



A little kicking and bucking and showing off…..

I wonder if he knows it’s rodeo week here in town?

Later, I did a ton of organizing, starting with my closet and shoes.

Not bad, huh?


Then dresser drawers and shelves.   Even looked closely through my bathroom drawers. (There is no organizing of the bathroom drawers)



Ok so you may have figured out that there was an ulterior motive to all this activity.  I lost my favorite beautiful watch.  Its got to be here, right?  I’ve already checked the couch.  Nothing but crumbs.  Checked under and between the car seats.  Gross stuff I don’t even want to talk about.    I checked jacket pockets.  Nada.  But really, who takes a watch off and puts it in their pocket?  I now have a nice closet, and neat dresser drawers for NOTHING.

Oh – please don’t tell Patient Husband.  He gets a little upset.  He says I have a ‘condition’.  He sorta implies that I have a problem with losing things, and he throws around words like dementia, old, and other words that can’t possible be about me.

Now the dogs, cats and I are settled in the living room catching up on some DVR’d shows.  I’m also icing my foot and continuing to do my stretches.  I was pain-free for most of the day.  YAY!

So keep moving (and don’t get lost).  But if you do, see if my watch is there.






One thought on “Cowboys, Cattle, Horses and No Idea of the Time

  1. Loved the photos of your horses reaction to the cattle drive! Look I am here…notice me!! Hey company!! I hate wind too…well everyone does…it serves no purpose except to aggravate. Try meditating to find your watch. Now sit down in a quiet place and close your eyes and imagine the last time you wore it…….after you wake will feel so much more refreshed to continue looking. I HATE misplacing things!!! Almost as much as wind.
    Love you, good luck with your search, Marcia

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