Critter Clean Up

Today was totally free.  No appointments.  No reason to go into town.  It was great.

Adam, the farrier, was here this morning and took care of Durango and Banjo.  I did NOT show him my new idea for a fly mask.



Then I came inside and saw three dogs who were desperately in need of a bath.  Jake gave me this look when I announced “bath time!”

Luna was surprised I found her behind the couch.


I changed into clothes that I didn’t mind getting soaked and bathtime was on!  I had bought an attachment to put on the tub  faucet to make a hand-held sprayer but alas, the $4 was wasted.  It didn’t fit.   So it was back to plastic cups.

I did prove a scientific experiment though.  Take one dog and add one gallon of water and it equals immediate insanity.  It happened all three times.


Then, after using a dozen towels to dry off the entire bathroom, I headed into the kitchen.  Looks ok, just a few things to straighten up.


Wait a minute!



Since I am officially out of all casts, braces and boots, I cannot wait until I can say this.



I’m thinking I need to get this t-shirt.  What do you think?


I actually unpacked today.  hmmm  A little pouting may have been going on.


The snow is still melting today.   Thank goodness we aren’t facing the flooding that other states are facing.  We just have mud.  But not to worry – an inch or so is due on Friday and 3 more inches are due Monday….

Hope your week is going well,





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