Daylight Savings and Decisions, Decisions

Sometimes I miss a day or two or three  in posting my blogs.  Why?  Because, well, life happens.  But more often than not, nothing happens.  How do I write about nothing?   And, although you may be saying “I’ve read many of your blogs about nothing”, I really try hard to be fascinating somewhat unique and interesting


So back to Sunday.  Daylight Savings!  YAY.   I love everything about turning the clocks forward.  (Except that one clock that, for the life of me, I cannot figure out).   But who doesn’t like more sunlight?


I was so caught up in a book I have been reading that it seemed like I spent every waking moment reading it.  My days went something like this:  Read, stop and do dishes, read, take the dogs out, read, vacuum etc. etc.   The book, “Lost on the Appalachian Trail” is fascinating.

I actually have read several books on the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail.  I enjoyed them all, but this one may be the best.  He actually made you feel the blisters on his feet.  There were several times during this book that I thought, “With some planning, I could do this!”  But then I reminded myself that the author is 25 and I’m,  well……older than that.   Thank goodness I’m not interested in reading about astronauts.

While at the beach I also read “While I was gone” by Sue Miller.    Another good one I recommend.

Ever since I returned home from my amazing vacation, I’ve had sort of an internal argument about how to get back to my running.   These arguments are just the worst.

When I started  running seriously, I began with 60 days of Sean T so I felt very strong.  Most things that I have read, said you need to cross-train while running to prevent injuries.  I had to decide if I wanted to start the class at the gym starting called “Body Blast”, repeat the Sean T Insanity program, or just start running again.  What to do, what to do?


I was stressing.  So I asked someone that I felt was in the same physical shape as me.


oops sorry, wrong picture.



Then I thought maybe the neighbor’s kid would give me an idea.


Nope.   OK, how about the guy at the gym?


Hmmmm.  Maybe my friend could give me advice.

Not so much.


It’s just that I’m not really a ‘class’ kind of person.  (or classy for that matter)

And like most of the country, we are still having crappy, winter weather.  So just running on a treadmill isn’t exciting me much either.  Then I thought about getting a coach.  No, not like a coach that runs along side you and costs a hundred million dollars an hour.  But one through a running organization that will set me up with a customized training plan according to my age (!) and my fitness/injury history.  But until then, here is what I am starting with.

Every other day – Shaun T workouts  (3 days), alternating with running/walking (3 days) then one rest day.

Ohhhhhhh Shaun, I hope so.


Now I have a picture for you to enjoy.  My dear friend, Diana who I used to work with has a true love for her animals.  She is also a great photographer.  This is one of her latest pics of her view out the door.  Her dogs and Dexter…… Yes, Dexter the pig.


One step at a time,





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