Days of Running and Ranch Work

I’m starting this by saying I am horrified about the shootings in Orlando.  I cannot express enough my sorrow over the violence in this country.   My thoughts and prayers to the hundreds of people affected by these 49 deaths.

Yesterday started out with a nice breakfast out at our favorite restaurant  and then Amber (our daughter-in-law) headed off to finish her cross country trip.

Later that morning  I decided to get a pedicure, if I could find someone that wouldn’t be too scared of my toes.    It has been a long time since I’ve had a pedicure and I forgot what a wonderful experience it is!    They offered to paint my short, chewed off fingernails at the same time.  Ahhh why not?

I had to leave a good tip – no one laughed at my feet even once.


This is a before and after picture.


ok maybe not.  Jake just wanted his foot in the picture too.

I spent a good part of the day sorting through clothes and starting to pack.  Yes I am packing again.  Even Patient Husband said its like I am always heading off on a trip.  My flight for the east coast leaves on Friday morning, so I really need to get myself organized.

Today, I finally got my butt out of the bed early and ran 6 miles.  So good to get back outside.  My average pace was 9:30.  Then over to my neighbor’s house.  I keep one of my horses, Kazmir, over there to keep her horse company.  Yesterday they broke out, so today was fence building and repairing day.  Armed with hedge trimmers, cutters, wire, clips, etc. we had quite a challenge ahead of us.  We had to clear and fence an area connecting  two pastures.  Not a big deal – except it goes down a steep hillside and up another.   But we did it and we, I might say, are pretty darn proud!

Happy horses in their new pasture.



This shows them going from one field to the next and you can see the area we worked on!



And now its a ‘rest and take it easy’ evening.    I have one request for advice.  I have one heel that is very tender to walk on.  Just at the bottom – no where else.  I checked Plantar Faschiitis, but I don’t have those symptoms.  Any one have this or know what it could be??


Well I’ll ice it up.   So have a great mid-week day!

You too, Robin!



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