Dog Care and Weekend Update

Have you ever kept an 8 month old puppy in a cage 23 hours a day?  Its not isolation.  I have him in the same room as me all day long.  When I head for the bathroom the other two come with me because … well that’s what they do.  Jake starts howling.   I go to the barn to take care of the horses after situating the cage so I can be seen…. Jake starts howling.    At least time is flying by.   I think since this is day 3, we only have 39 days left.  (Jake is keeping track)




Next issue of being in charge of post-surgical care.  Medication.


3 pills twice a day.    Anyone who has tried to discretely hide pills in the food bowl knows that doesn’t work.  Jake ate everything.  Leaving neatly in the bowl – one red capsule, one white capsule and a tablet.




Next, deli turkey.  Rolled in little balls – who would ever know?  Jake apparently doesn’t like processed turkey.


Cheese, you say?   Well he does like cheese. But I laughed out loud when he swallowed the cheese and then actually spit the capsule out through his front teeth.

Today I fooled him completely.  PH brought home hot dogs for him.  Not the orange, unknown contents, 89 cent package of hot dogs that I would have bought for dog medication.  Nope.  Ballpark Franks!  woohoo.  But it worked.





He (Jake, not PH) ate all three pieces and I think he was waiting for more!



Don’t get bored with my “dog care blog”.  Think of it this way.  You’ve been reading for 5 minutes and none of it has involved politics.  That alone is worth reading, right?   A little respite.   This is a politics-free zone.



Paleo Update – so far so good.   If you are a carbaholic like me, giving up wheat, grains and sugar was tough.  But the cravings do go away.  So, eggs and sometimes meat for breakfast; salad (with leftover meat if available) and fruit for lunch; and meat, salad and veggies for dinner.     Easy, right?       My only problem seems to be that horrible time between 7 and 10.


I need something!  snack ideas, anyone?



So enjoy your weekend.  Get out in this fall weather.  It’s beautifull!!


Healthy eating, healthy living, reaching for goals – lets all try.
One step at a time,


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