Dreaming of the Keys during Wyoming Winter



Some flurries were predicted for tonight but by early afternoon this was my view of the mountains.  They are there, I promise.


The horses were ready to come in early – ice was already forming on their coats.


But as long as plenty of this goes in the bucket, Durango could care less about a view.


The dogs can’t get enough of the cold and snow


Less than a week before we leave for the Keys and that 70º air sure will feel good.  It was one of those days where I just couldn’t get warm.  The best way to cure that?  A workout!  Today was a ShaunT workout  called core cardio and balance.  Lots of good cardio, hip stretching, balance work, and sweating.


I’m looking forward to one long run this weekend.  I even bought some Yaktrax Run to try out.  So stay warm or pretend to be a centerpiece.





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