Enjoying and Remembering on Memorial day Weekend

We should all think about this weekend for what it really means.



We are part-way through the Memorial Day Weekend and  I realize that I left you last when I was sitting at the Denver airport!  Obviously I made it home but not till Friday morning.   My Sister-in-law and Mother-in-law were arriving the same day (!) so I hid my unpacked suitcase and started cleaning anything that PH hadn’t gotten to while I was away.

They didn’t seem to notice the dirty dishes stuffed in the oven and the dirty clothes kicked under the bed and we had a wonderful visit.  One of the things we did was visit our local museum.  It is literally right down the road from our house and we had never been there.


I loved the gardens:


and I suggested to Patient Husband that if he continued getting rocks out of our pasture, we, too, could have this beautiful rock wall.


Today (Sunday) after our guests headed home, I got outside.  It was just perfect weather for working on the yard.  As I pushed the lawn mower, all three dogs were behind me – single file – following.  As I turned to go the opposite direction, they quickly turned and got behind me.

Exhaustion after working so hard.



I have to show you my new purchase.   Since we moved into this house, I have been looking for a wreath for my front door.  I wanted something that I could leave out almost year round.   Who can afford a spring, summer, fall and Christmas wreath???

My neighbor’s daughter has a facebook page called K.C. Handmade.     She makes some fabulous items.  She made me a custom-made wreath for my door.  I can switch out the flowers and bow for different seasons if I want.


Don’t you love it???

I have got to get some running in.  I have now gone 3 days without running – aaaaaggggg.  Tomorrow morning for sure.  I find it hard to leave and run when I have guests, don’t you?

Ok – are you ready for some cute stuff?


If you didn’t say Awwwwww, then try this one:


Hope your day off tomorrow is FUN.



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