Enjoying the Coast, Running Again, and Making Mountains

It’s a been a busy few days.  Our first day together my daughter, Amanda, and I set out to shop or at least window-shop for some necessary items.  Things like a high chair, a carseat, as well as some painting supplies.  We’ve both been looking forward to getting the nursery ready.

First thing Friday morning, we were preparing to start our big project.

First, we decided to use tape to get a general idea.   Sure, no problem.

And then the painting began:

And the final touches to the mountain mural were done by supper time.

There must be bears in the mountains.

We were very proud of ourselves if I do say so myself.

Miko spent a lot of time supervising.

We’ve had beautiful weather since I’ve arrived and except for one day, when  I set the alarm for 7:00 PM, I’ve been out for a run.  I can’t help but stop and take pictures.   I’ve been treated to some beautiful rides along the coast.

Sunday we took a ride with the top down.

Even Ruthy was excited.

We took a hike on the beach hunting for pelicans.  No pelicans this time, but lots of other cool things as well as some seals sunning themselves.



But after all that hiking, those short legs got very tired.  (Ruthy’s not Amanda’s)

And I was finally allowed to take a picture of the three of them.

I hope your weekend has been fun too.  Are you able to take advantage of nice weather, or are the spring storms keeping you in?  Keep walking – even if its just a little.


One step at a time,



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