Everything is Green Except My Thumb

Yesterday was beautiful but it was spoiled by a middle of the day dental appointments for both of us.  How do you turn this in to a good thing?  Take the first motorcycle ride of the year.    It was a beautiful ride and I think my smile was much shinier on the return trip.

My parents and all my siblings have had beautiful gardens and landscaping around their houses.  I don’t understand why I am the only one who didn’t inherit the ‘green thumb gene’. 

No beautifully trimmed hedges, no overflowing window boxes or rose bushes….just this.


But I got out some ‘gardening tools’ and did some gardening.  Until my hands and bake gave out.  But I will say  that things do look better.



The reason this is looking so well is because someone else planted it and I just bought it.  🙂


Apparently Murray got in the path of flying grass from the weedeater.  He doesn’t seem to worried about it.


I decided to take the dogs for an evening walk.  They are so happy.

When its summertime here, it’s absolutely the prettiest place ever.

Thursday was spa day for the horses.

First, pedicure and new shoes.

Then I spent a very long time combing out manes that had become full-fledged dredlocks.  Then shaves for everyone…



A nearby place has been fencing in a large pasture, so I’ve been waiting to see the horses they would put there.  And today, the pasture was full!  I was so excited.  They are just such odd looking creatures….


And now its almost the weekend!  I hope you have some good plans in the making.

One step at a time,






2 thoughts on “Everything is Green Except My Thumb

  1. Such beautiful scenery!! Didn’t know you shaved horses!!! LOL Miss you!


    Life is precious, life is fragile and life is short. Live each day with kindness & mindfulness.

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