Exciting Days…..Not so much.

I have to admit the last couple of days have been well……just shy of exciting.


Of course it’s been super cold – that’s not new.
We’ve gotten more snow – that’s not new.
I was just happy staying inside and watching all my recorded shows – that’s actually not new (I just haven’t publicized it).

So let’s see what has happened.  I did some cooking – which I do enjoy.  Since we are on the “whole30” diet, I made some Chicken Chowder and doubled the recipe.  It was a complete success.  I was told it was the best soup ever.    Can’t get much better than that!


I also made some ‘energy bites’.  These weren’t liked so much by Patient Husband.  I thought it was my duty to eat them ……   all of them.


I always like getting packages.  Yesterday, I got my new shoes!   They are so comfy!  And pretty, too.


I’m in the last phase of weaning off my boot.  From now through Monday, I can have the boot off for 4 hours in the a.m. and 4 hours in the p.m.  The Doc said to wear these shoes as I’m weaning off – versus wearing high heels or flip flops I guess.

Tuesday, I will be flying to Oregon to see my daughter.   I will officially be ‘boot-free’.  Can you believe it?  Oh and you might find this interesting.  Oregon has had more snow in the last week than in the last 10 years.  Portland was shut down for a while.    I cannot escape this weather.


After work,  I had physical therapy and then shopping for some necessities.  I love this fruit.


Just after placing these in my basket, I saw something I would much rather have.

Look!  It even knows I need something for my Late Night Cravings!   Then it demands that I Cook & Eat.  Like, well, like I don’t have a choice.

Or, I could save money by buying this:

And please notice that just one of those cute  peanut butter & chocolate coated creme puffs is  310 calories.

I was strong and left the store with fruit and this:

I may or may not have cried a little.

That is why I wear these sunglasses.   No one will ever know ….

I must be strong one day at a time. ….

One step at a time,




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