Exploring, Observing, Considering and Doing it All in the Rain

You’ll never guess where I’ve been hanging out the last few days.  Oregon.  Yup – another trip!  Let’s back up to Friday.  Patient Husband and I drove to Billings, Montana to catch our flight.  From the exit ramp to every single intersection, we saw dual patrol cars.  Then when we arrived at the airport we I thought that we were going to fly in a nice new patriotic jet.

The fact that it said United States of America across it should have clued me in.  But the airport personnel informed us that VP Mike Pence had landed earlier.  Therefore, we were resigned to flying on this prop job.


We landed in Portland and immediately drove to the ‘Valley’ area of Oregon.  You could call this a scouting and exploration mission. Yes, those Wyoming winters have driven us to this! We ended up that first night in Mcminnville and had a great Italian dinner.


This plate used to have an amazing Dungeness Crab lasagna upon it.


And yes, it was raining in Oregon.  But they have a way of dealing with that.

On Saturday, we dined for breakfast in now-my-favorite place, The Crescent Diner.  Isn’t this just the cutest Main Street?


It’s the little things that make a difference.  This is how ketchup was served….not in a plastic squeeze bottle.

The owner was a wonderful woman who chatted with us and told us she had moved from Wyoming 10 years ago!!  After an amazing meal, we headed out.  We drove and drove and drove.  This is the vineyard area so views were great.

It continued to rain off and on all day.  This little guy was not happy.

Way up in the hills, we spied this:

Upon a closer look,

we decided that either the wind is pretty  impressive here, or Mary Poppins took a bad turn.

Speaking of impressive……check out this treehouse!


Along with acres and acres of vines, we saw a lot of these creatures that look like they jumped out of a Dr. Seuss book…..Alpacas.

PH asking them to smile.

And now I must get some sleep.  Riding in a car for hours and hours makes me very sleepy.

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

One step at a time,



2 thoughts on “Exploring, Observing, Considering and Doing it All in the Rain

  1. Great story of trip to Oregon! Love the photos and all that green! I am praying you find just the right place for both of you!


    Life is precious, life is fragile and life is short. Live each day with kindness & mindfulness.

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