Family is everything.

Did you think I went MIA after my Cape Cod trip?  Nope, just actually had some emotional and tiring days. After leaving the Cape, we took a 7 or 8 hour (after a while it just seemed very long) drive to Canton, NY.  Canton, NY is where my parents met when they attended college at St. Lawrence University.

During the time that we were at Cape Cod, my son and wife and their cousin drove their Grandparents’ (my Mom and Dad’s) urns across the country from Oregon to NY.  As they went, they stopped at many different locations that had special meaning to my parents until they reached their final resting place.

After a beautiful service, my Father, a WWII pilot was given a military ceremony, complete with a 21-gun salute.  Amazing for an amazing man.



Afterwards, I returned with my son and his wife to their home so I could spend some time with them and my two grandchildren.

IMG_2764 IMG_2766


This weekend was the Cape Vincent Historical weekend.  We were able to celebrate with hot dogs, ice cream and all the traditions..

Everything is within a 2 block walk and seemed like time had stood still from the little towns of long ago.IMG_2814



and learning to be soldiers…

IMG_2787 IMG_2778

Also lots of time in between for playing games and reading books.  This time with them is just what I was waiting for.

As all of my siblings, and many of our family members gathered on Friday to honor my parents, it really struck home how there is nothing more important than your family.  Keep them close.






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