Feeling the Burn and Self-Defense for Women

This week I am working each day so I am adapting my schedule accordingly.  I am logging my workouts on the calendar to keep track.  For some reason this also keeps me motivated.  On Sunday I felt some tightness in my thighs (quads), so I took a rest day.  Monday, while at work, I made the mistake of squatting down.  I muffled the scream that was trying to escape and did my best to stand back up.  Wow – these workouts are working!


On the treadmill, I got up to 3 miles.  I will not increase the mileage for a while but I am also going very slow.  Just a comfortable pace.  Although my competitive personality keeps thinking I should try to go faster and faster, but I know that what I need now is to get my legs back to running and increase my endurance.

Today I did another Insanity workout – Cardio Power & Resistance.  I finally decoded  the “Power and Resistance” phrase.  It’s coach lingo for ” A Gazillion push-ups”.  But I survived.  It also reminded me of why I don’t like to work out in a group.  No one was there to whisper “she calls those push-ups?”



This is the rainy view as I left work today:


And then turned the corner and looked towards home.  I kid you not.

Living up there in the snow and clouds is our trade-off for our million dollar view.


The other day I came home to a custom-made sandal.  Apparently it needed to be shortened.

Note the unique crimping design:


This is how we keep each other warm in Wyoming:


I am truly looking forward to finally getting outside to do my running.  I’m sure you all are too.  But hearing all the horrible attacks all over the country on female runners, I think this is a great thing to watch.  So no matter if you walk, hike, or run,  please watch this video.  You will not forget it.


We need to be safe above all else.

One step at a time,


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