Finally a Diagnosis, and A Year in Repair

I thought I’d be able to write you yesterday with the answer to my foot.  But, alas, staring at the phone, checking each hour to make sure its not on vibrate, and holding it constantly did not make it ring.


Finally I got my answer today.  I have a “severe strain” of a ligament in my heel.  My first reaction was Hurray, they found it!  The treatment is complete immobilization.  Definition?  A hard cast for 4-6 weeks.  If that’s what it takes,  then I am not hesitating.    I will head back to his office on Tuesday next week for the cast.  Good news – it’s a walking cast.  Bad news – I can’t drive.   It’s my right foot.

I hope I look this cute:


but unfortunately it will be more like this.


More bad news.  I had to cancel my trip to Oregon next week to see my daughter and sister.  No running through airports or driving a rental car.  But we gotta do what we gotta do, right?


So, I know its only November and we normally look back over our year as we approach the 31st of December but let’s face it I’m always trying to be first.


Last New Years Eve, we wished each other a new year filled with good health.  Our goal was to get ourselves in better physical shape – both by moving more and eating healthy.  As I limped over to the table to type this, I thought well THAT didn’t happen.  But then I did a more comprehensive  look.  (Wow I’m starting to sound like one of those medical insurance advertisements!)

I’m going to go from head to toe and review my year.

brainBrain –  Well I tried in every way to read and listen and challenge my mind in many ways.


faceFace/skin – Met with professionals to improve and try to remove years of damage from the sun.  I see a definite improvement.


mammoFemale Stuff – Annual Gyn and mammogram appointments with good results


heartHeart – Check-up with Cardiologist – keep on running he said!  Two half-marathons completed by June.


handsHandsSurgery on both hands to get rid of the pain of arthritis in my thumbs.  Success!


Colonoscopy –   All clear!

feetFeet – ahhh the bane of my year.  I am trying to look at it now as maybe a lesson. I will remember:   Run Smart.  I have to train differently than if I was 20 (even though I don’t want to admit it).  Enjoy running.  I have done so much reading in the last 5 months that I believe I will be smarter this time when I head out on the roads and trails.


So overall, I think I have taken charge and improved my health.  Maybe not in the way I thought about last December but in a good way after all.  Maybe 2016 was a way to just prepare myself mentally and physically for all that I will challenge myself with in 2017!

Lets get out there and get moving!!

Chase your dreams,
One step at a time.



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