First Impressions are so Important

After work today we had an important appointment.  Our potential  baby   dog sitter was coming over.  Everyone had to be on their best behavior!  I tried to explain this to all of them.  But something tells me they weren’t listening.


Then we had to clean.  The floors, the kitchen, make the bed (only done when company is coming). Can you relate??



What if she didn’t like our house?  After all, she would be house sitting, too.  Maybe a little cleaning was necessary.



So although I wish I could just fold my arms and nod my head….



I ended up looking more like this:




After a moment of dog hysteria when she first arrived, they actually calmed down and tried to make her feel comfortable.



It must have worked because she agreed!  YAY!


And now since I have inundated (good word, huh?) with dogs in this blog.  I will finish with more dogs.  This is soooooo me:


Have a wonderful middle-of-the-week day.  Oh, and keep moving – every so often.



Thought of the day:
People will stop asking questions if you answer back in interpretive dance.

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