Friday. A workout and a request


Lunch out with the girls today.  Had a great chicken salad at The Smokehouse.  So much fun to kick back and talk and laugh.  Thanks Sherri and Jayne!



I can’t get out of the habit of doing something each day – whether its running or strength training or at least some good walking.  Of course when  I’m training I’m thinking of every excuse not to!   So today I got out the ShaunT videos.  I can’t say enough about the Insanity DVDs.  And who wouldn’t work out with this motivation.


I picked out a 40 minute one filled with stretching, balance and planks.  Of course with my arm in a cast, modifications had to be made.  But I finished it single-handedly.



My physical therapy appointment got changed to next Tuesday, so I made tonight be crockpot night.  I truly put everything I could find in the kitchen:  chicken breasts, cut up potatoes, a bag of mini-carrots, onion and some soup mix and voila – dinner.  🙂

And now I have a request of you!

To anyone who is reading this and for some reason enjoying it or at least getting an occasional chuckle… please enter your email in the column to the right.  That way you will automatically get my posts each time  directly into your email.  This will also assure you won’t miss any even if they don’t post to facebook,   and most importantly it makes me feel really good.  🙂

The more followers, the more opportunity for me to get you specials and offers.  You will not get anything else (spam, ads, etc.)    just me, me, me.



And now just something adorable for no reason at all.  For some reason I can’t stop watching it.



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