Friday Finds and Fun; Saturday’s Sights and Shopping

Friday consisted of some usual errands  but the highlight was WATERMELON!!   It has been missing from the produce area for a while and I thought maybe I’d have to go through withdrawals.  Thank goodness its back.


I was so happy and excited while cutting up the fruit, the dogs were sure there was something good for them, too.



And then a night out.  Sheridan is seriously lacking in good restaurants.  But we heard of a Thai food truck in the area!   Off we went to hunt it down.  When we arrived at its alleged location……nothing!   AAARRG.   We went on line to check the hours and location again.  We were sitting in its location.  hmmmm.  The hunt will continue on another night.

Oh well Plan B:  Off we went to a nearby restaurant which was just so-so (but maybe that was because of the Thai disappointment).  We finished up with some coffee – of course.



Then to the movies!  There are so many right now that I’d like to see.  We decided on “The Girl on the Train”.


I listened to this on an audio book and loved it so I was curious if the movie would be as good.  It was.   Even without buckets of this..    Why oh why can’t buckets of buttered popcorn be good for us?


For the first time since we got the Doodles, we actually allowed all the dogs to stay in the house while we were gone.  Usually they wait for us in the barn.  They all behaved, of course Jake didn’t have much choice in his cage.  It could be that I threatened their life….


Saturday meant our trip to Billings to stock up our pantry and freezer.   Its always a nice trip but a 4 hour round trip for groceries can still be tiring.  Some pics from the drive:




Luna tends to ride as close as possible.


Did you all enjoy the beautiful full moon?



Good night Sheridan.


Hope you are enjoying your weekend.  Just get outside today!

One step at a time,



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