Friday Fives

Got up early today and got 5.3 miles in.  Its so nice to have daylight most of my run!  I am so ready to “spring forward”!  It still was only 27º but no wind and that makes a huge difference.  So in honor of those 5 miles, here are some more fives:IMG_1002


Five things I must have :
family,  love,  laughter,  health, and dreams.


Five things about me:
I’m very short,  I cry easily,  sarcasm is part of me,  I’ve been on t.v. on two different shows,  I crave coffee

Must have - Coffee
Must have – Coffee

Five things I miss:
My children,  my best friend in N. Carolina,  my memory,   a tan,  my appendix.

images(My cute little appendix)

Five places I’d like to see:
San Francisco,  Italy,  a tropical island,  the Calgary Stampede,  Banff Canada.


Five goals for 2016:
Visit with all my children,  run three 1/2 marathons in 3 different states,  continue a healthy lifestyle,  ride my horse more often,  enjoy some weekend getaways.


Five favorite foods:
Pizza,  ice cream,  bread,  pizza and ice cream (now you see why that goal of a healthy lifestyle is such a challenge).


I’m sure there are plenty more fives, but I’ll hold them for another time.

Tomorrow we are heading to S. Dakota for a possible surprise.  I’ll let you know!


Here’s something for you race fans





Do you have any of these ‘fives’ you’d like to share? 

Or maybe a totally different five list?



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