Friday Running funnies

Friday was a relaxing day.  We got the call from the insurance agent approving our car damage estimate (YAY!) so we were able to drop the car off at the garage.

It was FREEZING today.  Literally.  At one point the wind chill was  -0º,   yep -0.  I know I would have felt much better if it was +0



But its the weekend finally so I thought I’d just give you some little funnies to make you smile as you start your day.


I can vouch for this after looking at many of my race pictures.  “My face looks like that when I run?”



If I run downtown, I make sure I never look in the windows to see my reflection and then ruin my run as well as my whole day.



The only time I would ‘run with the bulls”.



Now that’s motivation:




But most of all:


How all runners feel I think:



And, never give up:



Have a great day!



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