Friday was my Monday

Back to work!  Yep after 8 weeks ‘recovering’ I headed back to work this morning.  I was reminded how careful I have to be in the early morning drive.



Everything went smoothly for my first day.  It was good to be back, although I have to admit by the end of my day my foot was hurting pretty badly.   I wonder if the cast will eliminate that pain.

I’m not sure if Jill is enjoying some time in her new playground or if she is wanting me to mail her to a dog-free zone.


Speaking of dogs, Jake is still recovering well.  Almost too well.  Its hard to keep him quiet.  He cries non-stop in his cage and the minute he is out, he is jumping and playing with his buddies until I lock him back up.  In the evening he will lay quietly at my feet.  I think his leg is probably itching because he is constantly trying to lick, bite or otherwise destroy his bandaging.  Next week he goes for x-rays and hopefully some changes to his metal braces, etc.

The groups of deer have been getting larger and closer to our house.  Maybe seeking refuge now that its hunting season.  This buck was right outside our window.


It’s kinda neat that they get along well with the horses and share the pasture.



On my way home, these horses provided a very nice photo opp.


And again when they trotted off.



I have a fashion question for you.  What do you wear when you have a cast on your leg?  Since it is past the summer season, shorts are out of the question.  The only thing I can come up with, would be to buy some cheap leggings and cut one leg off just below the knee.  What do you think?  I have looked through several fashion magazines and not once do they feature models with casts on their legs.  So thoughtless.

ok, how did she get those jeans over that cast??????


And now its the weekend.  We are having magnificent weather this fall.  Temps in the 60s!  I hope you are able to get outside too.

Enjoy your day.

One step at a time,


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