Friday’s Lost and Found

I was up early today to get 5 miles in before Patient Husband passed me on the road.  I have each run pretty well timed so I get in whatever miles I need.  Today was so cold.  I had on a fleece jacket, gloves and a fleece headband.  My mantra for my run was not “You can do it” or “One mile at a time”.  No.  It was, “It’s May 13th and I’m. freaking.  cold”.


Oh well I got in 5.6 miles at a 9:33 pace.   It’s nice to have it all done by 7 a.m.  I was able to bundle up in cozy clothes and enjoy my morning coffee.

But then being all cozy and snuggled up on the couch, of course I fell asleep.   When I woke up I found this on the rug.


Gus and his newly decapitated bird.  But then I saw this and almost cried (actually I did cry a little)


My blue tooth wireless earphones.  I had left them on the dining room table!  I’m pretty sure I know which doodle grabbed and chewed them, but I won’t mention her name.  I have seen her put her front paws up on the stools and even on the kitchen counter and look around.  I had no idea she would do this.

I immediately got on-line.  I mean you don’t expect me to run without earphones, do you?  That’s insane!  I found them on Amazon and ordered them right away.  In fact, did you know that you can pay an outrageous shipping amount and it will arrive at your door tomorrow?????   I can’t wait to see the UPS guy tomorrow.



Ready to see what the world of social media has become?

In France, you might be able to sue your parents for posting those embarrassing baby pics of you online.   The country’s privacy laws dictate that parents who post non-consensual photos of their kids’ private lives could face a year in prison and pay 45,000 euros if their children decide to take them to court for their social media misdeeds.

So much for threatening your teenagers to show their baby pictures!



My friend, Kim, is in a triathlon on Saturday.   I can’t imagine …..   But I wish you fast legs, Kim, and NO hip pain!

Have a great weekend!




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  1. Thanks Anne. I’m going to send you and my family my live track link. Might be fun, since Olin stayed home with kids. If I’ve stopped before 10:30, I’ve probably just won it or most likely I’ve fallen over frozen. Lol. Have a good day. Good luck to Ron today.

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