Friday’s Trying the Trails

I decided to get out on the nearby 2 mile trail today.  I took my partner Gus with me.  Even though we don’t have snow  around the house, I knew the trail would be snowy because its quite a bit higher up the mountain.  So the footwear of the day was:


But as you can see where there wasn’t snow, there was lots of thick mud.  This is the beginning of the trail – narrow and sloppy.


Gus avoided the trail !  He loves the snow, no matter how deep.


I ran where I could and whenever the footing was bad, I walked fast.  When we got done, Gus went from the front seat to the back about 3 times.  Just enough to coat the car with a good layer of mud.


I would love to do more trail running, but I have no idea of any other trails around here.

On our way back from town I swear I saw a UFO!


Tonight for my snack, I tried something new.


IMG_2456 It turned out to be really good and look!

Gluten free, Cholesterol free, dairy free, etc.  If only it was carb free!






Just add apples, and voila!



All 3 Grandsons have lost a tooth recently!  The tooth fairy must be busy.






And if that’s not enough cuteness…..


Don’t think I haven’t thought of this…..


Any of you trail runners?  If so,  any ideas how to find local running trails?

If you have to snack at night, what is your favorite?

How much does the tooth fairy bring these days?

4 thoughts on “Friday’s Trying the Trails

  1. One of my favorite carb free snacks is getting out parchment paper, slice some slices of cheddar cheese ….. put on parchment paper and microwave for a minute. The cheese melts but also turns crispy. Quite good. Not super healthy but tasty and much better than just a plain slice of cheese!

  2. I sometimes run trails ;), the easiest way to find local trails is to find out whether your town has a land trust or conservation commission, chances are their protected properties have trails. You also have the Bighorn Nat. Forest nearby, and that has tons of trails! I also have Audubon and Nature Conservancy preserves in my area. It’s all about doing research and finding what works for you!

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