Gettin’ ‘er done without blowing away!

Today was set aside to get things prepared for winter.  The temps were supposed to be nice and we didn’t want to wait for cold weather.   I heard the wind while still in bed.  I find it difficult to drag myself out of bed when the wind is trying to pry shingles off my roof.

But my 3 legged Jake said it was necessary.  So half-asleep I hook up the leash and out we go.  Whoooooooaa!   We almost got knocked over.  When he was done, I checked the wind speed.   38 MPH !!  Well that put a little kink in my plans!
Today was my Dad’s birthday.  I miss him incredibly.  I saw  this amazing sight outside my bedroom window!  I like to think maybe that was Dad paying me a visit.   🙂


I decided we might as well go into town – maybe the wind will die down.   It turned out be a trip with lots of sights.

First, so many Pronghorn Antelope I couldn’t get them all in the picture.



Then like out of the movie “The Birds”, there was a HUGE flock that all seemed to dive and swoop all together.



The favorite spot for the dogs to be in the car is to have their heads between the car seats.  Sometimes they are polite and share the space.


And sometimes they don’t.


And sometimes they beg for interference.



I’m wondering……is this supposed to be an incentive?



Back home a lot more got done than I expected.  Take down screen door and put in glass storm door insert.  Done.  (But broke a fingernail)    Patio furniture and grill into garage storage.  Done.    Heating element put into horse trough.   Done.  (Broken nail #2)  Also  changed out the buckets in each stall for heated ones.  So I felt pretty accomplished after all even though the wind stayed between the teens and twenties the whole time.   I also was reminded that ranch work and fingernails do not go together.  (something like running and toenails!)

I hope you had a great weekend and feel ready to start the new week.


Lets get out there and keep moving,

One step at a time,






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