Getting a Lot of Things Done, Just Not The Packing

Instant mood improvement  = sweatpants.

(I mean, seriously, what is better than kicking off those shoes and throwing on your sweats?)

My weekend went by pretty quick.  I had a lot I wanted to accomplish before I go out of town.  Again?, you say?   Yup.  But no Doctor’s appointments – at least for me.  This time I am finally getting to Oregon to see my daughter and her husband.  This is like the third time I’ve tried to get there since November!

So on Sunday there was pedicures all around.  Well dog pedicures.  The two doodles took it like champs.  Gus shivered and shook and almost fell off the table.  But at least it’s all done.  I grabbed a leash (we only had 2) and a couple of tug-of-war toys on my way out the door.  Then I ran like heck.   Just kidding, I paid for everything first.

Today, Monday, I had lots of appointments to take care of as well as make some phone calls for my work.  I had P.T. first thing.  I started out on the “ARC trainer” for 10 minutes.  Its sort of like the motion of an elliptical but less work on the knees and a whole bunch on the hips/thighs.  If I gauge my running on my current aerobic capacity – it’s going to be a long, long journey.

I also signed up for their “Body Blast” starting in a few weeks.  I have never signed up for anything like this before because I’m more of a solo workout person.  (That’s why the Insanity workout and my solo runs are my favorite)  But we’ll see and I’m hoping it will increase my strength quickly.

Then I was off to the vet with Gus to get him all up to date on his shots.  He weighed in at 98 pounds!!

Then Heather, my wonderful hairdresser, scheduled me in on her day off.   Now that’s a friend!

I always try to pack early but I find that so hard to do for some reason.  I get in enough socks and underwear and then I seem to come to a standstill until the night before I leave. Does anyone else have this problem?

Since I’m leaving on Valentine’s day, I made Patient Husband a special dessert.  Of course it was Whole30.  And it was yummy.  Chocolate Mousse with no sugar!  I’m not sure what I did wrong but instead of having the consistency of pudding it was more like super soft fudge in a bowl.  I’m not complaining, of course!

I was not graded on presentation.


We are getting up in the middle of the night and will try to leave for the airport by 3:30 a.m. or so.   PH is driving me the two hours to the airport and my flight leaves at 7 a.m.   As I am typing this everyone else in the house is sound asleep and at least two are snoring but I won’t mention names.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.  Wish I could hug you all but not all at once that would be weird.

Keep moving,

One step at a time,




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