Getting healthy, staying healthy and other nonsense

Ive been to lots of appointments in the last 48 hours.  First the most important – off to the vet.

Back in December Moose (our 7 yr. old Chesapeake Retriever) was diagnosed as having congestive heart failure.  He is also blind.  So today was a re-check with x-rays.  Unfortunately his heart is larger (I always knew he had a big heart, but in this case its not good) and the fluid is still there.  More meds and stronger doses.  My poor boy.


A visit with the cardiologist (for me this time) resulted in being scheduled for a stress test next month.  Seriously?  What could be more stressful than running a 1/2 marathon every few months?  Well I guess I need to be hooked up with wires.

One month post-surgery appointment with physical therapy.  YAY more exercises instead of just wiggling my fingers.  I can take my cast off while I start moving my wrist and thumb.  I have a ways to go….  But doesn’t it look awesome?


And last but not least – bloodwork for my thyroid.  Let’s back up a year.  I have been on thyroid medication for like 20 years.  Then last year it started going wild.  So about every 3-4 months we were trying new dosages.  Hypo…hyper….hypo.  We thought we had it squared away but yesterday’s test said nope – slow thyroid again.  Why is that good news?  I can blame my weight gain and almost anything else on it.



Ok that is way more medical info than anyone wants to read about.  If I should start blogging about more personal physical ailments – this blog will be closed down. (at least according to Patient Husband).

I put in 3 miles today.  I wore my new Asics but made sure they were tied my ‘special way’,  so lets see if I have any issues tomorrow.

A delicious veggie plate for dinner tonight.  That’s bar-b-q sauce on the sweet potato.  Don’t knock it till you try it!  Thanks Janae for that yummy idea.



I’ve got two movies and plenty of books to get caught up on tonight.  Have a wonderful day/night.


Do you have an unusual food topping that you love?

Do you wear something lucky when you race/run?
        I have a teeny, tiny book filled with motivational sayings that my daughter made me and it fits in my running belt.






3 thoughts on “Getting healthy, staying healthy and other nonsense

  1. Hand looks great. Hope the stress test shows nothing. Hmmm BBQ on sweet potato …. guess I’ll have to try it. Hang in there Moose.

  2. I admire your perseverance with all your health concerns. You would never know you had any at all! Maybe I can get some inspiration and get myself motivated…..

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