Getting things, Getting rid of things, and other simple pleasures.

I got up early again today and got a head start on a busy day at work.   In the mail I got a pair of leggings I ordered. I got these because I wear running tights or capris every day (don’t you?) and I thoughts these would be fun.




They are super comfortable and who wouldn’t want to wear tree tights??

I have no idea what those white spots are in the picture.  hmmmm.


Once I recovered from the excitement of my new clothes, I spent some time outside.  I visited with the horses (it seems like that’s all I’ve had time to do with them lately) and while wearing heavy duty gloves got some weeding done.  The weeds here are like cactus!  Bull Thistle is what google told me.  I spent 2 hours and only got a portion of them pulled.




Have I told you I hate ‘gardening’?   Now I need to find plants that neither deer nor rabbits will eat for a garden that Patient Husband got ready for me.  Any ideas on plants?

Speaking of deer, this is what I caught at our trough today.




Tonight I am going to try to make my way through the stack of magazines waiting for me.  There has to be at least 8, maybe 10.  Then I have a stack of books to start and of course several audio books I’ve downloaded …….  I’m quite the positive thinker.


Tomorrow (Sunday) is supposed to be my long run day, but Nooooooooooo, I had to get a bad foot…..



If you have noticed that in the last 3 days I have mentioned that I have slept great, woke up rested and had good energetic days, it’s because of a trial I have been doing.  I can’t wait to tell you about it.

But until then……….

Keep moving.  Or maybe, like me, dream about it!





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