Happy Easter and Could it be Spring?



Some nice days have allowed me to get outside finally.  I took the dogs for a hike and searched for antlers along the way.  Not a single one.  But the creek  is flowing nicely through our back pasture.  All that snow this past winter is good for something.

I also took some pictures of the  blue and green!  And yes, those are all rocks  on the hillside.


And then some more fun……. Removing the trough heater and cleaning out the trough.  I dislike  look forward to this cleaning each month.


You may remember me telling you that we have a 3rd horse (Kazmir) that has been a ‘buddy’ horse at my neighbor’s house.  When we decided to show him to a prospective buyer, Sherri sent me this warning picture that I might need to give him a bath:

We did sell him but until they have gotten their property ready, we have kept him here.  I decided to take him back to his buddy.

Its hard to believe they are NOT twins.  Kazmir is on the left.  They definitely missed each other.


Speaking of missing – every time I get up I get the feeling I am being watched.


I have continued running every other day.  3.25 miles is the average.  I am trying to stay off my mountainside for a while as the steep downhill seems to be aggravating my knee.



Tomorrow is Easter.  I had to let Patient Husband down easily that there will not be Easter baskets and chocolate bunnies.  But the plan is an early run and then out for breakfast.

One step at a time,




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