Have a Horse? Love a Horse? You need to read this!

Today I’m going to tell you about one of the best things I’ve bought for my horse.  And I have a great offer for you too.   Its called the Hybrid Halter.    Like everyone with horses, I’ve tried many different style halters:  Leather (too stiff and hard to keep clean); leather


Nylon Webbing (stiff, hard to get a good fit)  nylon


and the rope halters with the training knots.   rope

The rope halter proved to be really good for training and was my favorite.  But I just didn’t feel comfortable tying the horse up with it and definitely didn’t like trying to cross-tie them.

VOILA!  The Hybrid Halter by The Horse Education Company

This is a combination halter.  It is a rope halter combined with either the webbing or leather.  I purchased the Classic Nylon.


It’s truly the best.  It has the benefits of being a great training halter



as well as the strength to use for cross-tying.



They have a ton of beautiful colors (seriously, its obvious Durango knows how good he looks in this blue one).  They also have matching lead ropes and nameplates:IMG_0003

I may try the “Artisan Hybrid Halter” next.  But actually when you go to their website, they have SO much more.  I am sure I will be getting more things.  By the way, there are other copycat companies, so make sure you go to the Horse Education Company.

I’ve talked to Sara at the company and if you use the code:  BHY10 it  will give you  $10 off on any Classic or Artisan style halter over $69.99.  Happy Shopping and let them know Anne sent you!!




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