Heading for the 1st Annual Sisters Vacation

Friday consisted of airport after airport after airport.  From Montana to Minnesota to Michigan and finally landing in a small town in upstate NY.  This is the beginning of (drum roll please)  the FIRST ANNUAL SISTER’S VACATION.  I have two older and one younger sister and we’ve been trying to plan  this for oh, maybe 10 years.  We finally decided on a location – Cape Cod and since the two oldest sisters (they will love that I describe them this way) are great organizers, we finally got it pulled together.


When I left home, this was my view in my rear view mirror.



At one of the airports I found a comfy place to sit and put my feet up.  My heel is still hurting….


Then when changing from one concourse to another in Detroit, I got to walk through this tunnel of lights.  Its like being inside a kaleidoscope.  Very cool, huh?



Once we all met in NY,  my sister Sandy picked us up on Saturday morning and off we went!  Picture 4 women – all with their phones giving directions and chatting non-stop.

Here we are going across the Hudson River:



So what do you get when you have 4 women talking non-stop on a road trip?



I promised not to mention which one of us was driving when the car ran out of gas…

We were rescued quite quickly actually and Andrew, the roadside assistant, not only brought us gas but then gave us recommendations on what to see and do on the Cape.  (I guess they throw that in free when they charge a $50 service fee.  oops.

We set off again marking it up to another fun memory on our first annual sister’s vacation.







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