Healing Bones, Healing Hearts

My morning started with an early appointment at the vet.  He took new x-rays of Jake’s leg and was very happy with how it looked.  He took all the rest of the hardware out of his leg.  The only issue left is the broken toe.  It just hasn’t healed enough, so the plastic brace remains on his foot for 3 more weeks.  He is such a trooper.    Here he is with his new bandages.


I know, it looks just like his old bandaging.  But trust me – there are no ugly screws and bars underneath anymore.

We went out for lunch at my favorite coffee shop.  I tried the sweet potato and ham soup and PH had a grilled turkey/cranberry sauce/cheese sandwich.  The soup was so yummy I went home and looked for a recipe!  And the sandwich was good too – so I was told.  And here is a picture showing what its like when you remember to take a picture after you’ve eaten.


The dogs know that PH doesn’t like the dogs on the furniture.  I think they see the unfairness of allowing the cats to sleep on the couch but not them.  Anyhow, Jake shows his sadness by putting his sad face on the couch next to me for long, long times.  (I know you can’t see that sad face….but it’s sad)


Gus lays at my feet, actually ON my feet.



When I took the first picture, he looked up so I could get his good side.


And Luna, well Luna slowly eases herself onto the couch until someone notices.


These two just get cozy everywhere.



A t-shirt that brings a smile:



Today I was thinking of people all over this country.  My fellow police officers ambushed around the country, children dying in a school bus, severe weather causing major issues, and on and on.  How do we hear and read this each day and not get depressed?

I heard someone today say that if you make ONE person’s life easier to bare, then your life is fulfilled.  Maybe we can’t all truly make someone’s whole life better but we can make a daily difference.   Can you remember to hold the door open for the next person?  Can you help that elderly person in some way?  One little moment can really make you feel better for the rest of the day.

Here is a video that I hope you will watch.  It has nothing to do with politics.   It’s wonderful people who have done so much to make this world better and I guarantee you will feel better about humanity.

Let’s make others’ lives a little happier,

One step at a time,




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