Help! I’m falling apart.

No workout today.  I got up and had a strange pain at the back of my left ankle above my heel.  I have been injury-free for so long that I actually had to google the pain location to realize it was my Achilles tendon!


I continued  my medical research even though I would like to blame it on not enough pedicures.  The truth is that I shouldn’t have thrown on my new shoes and run 5 miles.  Before, I was wearing the same model shoe, Brooks Ravenna, and just got the latest updated version.  But after changing to a whole new shoe, I should have slowly broke them in.   Luckily, the pain was slight and I’ll be ready to get out there soon.

I had an appointment today with a cardiologist.  I am not having problems but I am on cholesterol medicine and have a long family history of heart issues.  So this was really a consult.  I will be doing a stress test in March just so they can see if anything is going on that we need to know about.   Take it from me, yo.u shouldn’t be blind about your health.  I run and I eat well, but you can’t run away from heredity.

So lets look at me today….. sore Achilles tendon, right arm in a cast and sitting in the Cardiologist’s office!


I read two great articles in Women’s Running today.  One shows how you never know what you will experience and how you can suddenly become someone’s turning point:

The other has some wonderful and thought provoking ideas on setting a goal and sticking to it:

Now some random moments:
For all of you that have birdfeeders:
For those of you with children — we can all relate to this:
And finally,  for those of you, like me, that are trying to watch what we eat:
Always find happiness in your day,


2 thoughts on “Help! I’m falling apart.

  1. Ahhhh..just what you needed! Please take it easy on that tendon…can really be painful and take a long time to heal. Feeling similar with about 10 lbs to loose and traveling really just puts me back to square 1, but love it!! My knee has been bothering me for 2 months, so seeing my Dr for that and cholesterol discussion the end of the month……getting older sucks!!! Love and miss you,M

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