Here we go – run with me

Well this is my start.  Its a lot like starting a job, or starting to train or many other starts.  I’m nervous – will I do this well?  Will anyone like me or will they laugh at me.  I want to share my life as a new 1/2 marathoner but also I want to share my life here in Wyoming.  So here goes!

I have run off and on for most of my adult life but never competitively.  I never really thought of myself as “a runner” and I was so slow!  But for some reason late last year I decided it was time to try a 1/2 marathon.  Not a 5k or 10k – that requires speed.  I wanted something that would challenge endurance.

I ran my first in March 2015 in Maui.  Hey don’t judge – it was my first time to Maui and why not make that my 1st one!  I actually completed it (2:14) and was hooked!


My next race was in May in Newport Oregon.  My daughter had suggested this about 7 months earlier and we thought it would be fun to run together.  This race was a lot of fun.  My daughter never trained.  We both completed.  Did I mention that she NEVER trained!  I finished in 2:08.


Then my final one of this year was in Raleigh NC – the Skinny Turkey – on Thanksgiving morning.  They warned me with words like “hills” and “challenging”.  So every once in a while I ran some hills during my training.  I thought I was going to die.  Even telling myself I can eat a whole pumpkin pie didn’t help.  Lesson learned.  Either learn how to train for hills or look for the word “FLAT”.


So now you are up to date on me.  I am currently training for a race on January 17th in Key West.  Do you see a trend starting here?  4 races – 4 states and a goal of running in flat locations.  🙂

With temps here in Wyoming in the single digits and snow covering the ground I really hope the rest of my training is not on the dreaded machine.   Please continue to visit my site.  I want to share what I learn and also learn from you.



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  1. I’m impressed. Looking forward to more. Please give me more information about Key West. Bet and I will be on Long Key during that time.

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