Hey Peyton Manning! I feel your pain!

My trip to Colorado and back in one day adventure went fairly well.   The driving went better than expected with 3 dogs.  They are very good car riders.   I tried to find new things to show you since this is like the umpteenth time I’ve gone.  (umpteenth is a word my Mom used to use.  I think its the first time I have.)

A hot air balloon and the Rockies:



Another one of the Rockies without my famous telephone pole.



We did hit some construction as we headed up the mountain from Denver to Vail.  There were lots of signs warning of falling rocks.  They were building rows and rows of these fences up  the side of the mountain.



We got to Vail early enough that we could meet my sister for lunch.  The Bully Ranch Restaurant.  I loved the inside.



Once we got to the Doctor’s office, the Doctor spent a long time explaining what was wrong with my foot.  This is the  MRI:


See all the white  around the heel area?  That is supposed to be gray.  It shows the strain and he indicated in a couple of spots where the ligament has torn away from the bone.  He then explained I needed a cast to make it able to heal properly.  6 weeks!!!!!  Then on to a boot for another 4 weeks.   He then said I had the same injury as Peyton Manning had!  He tried all the first steps as I did:  ice, pain relievers, insoles, taping, etc.   Then his MRI showed a strain and tearing.  He was put in a cast then a boot.   I asked “did it heal”?   He stated “He came back and won the Super Bowl”!

I felt motivated!

Down the hall I went and Ryan started the cast.  I was offered every color of the rainbow but in very bright shades.  Orange, red, green, camo, etc.  I opted for light blue:


I hope that the zoom on the camera is what makes my leg look big as Peyton’s.

Then they gave me one crutch.



I thought the attachment on the bottom was very cool.  Self- defense?


They corrected me.  It’s for ice.   Oh.

The long drive home made me realize the time frame we are looking at.  Christmas week I will get my cast off.  Mid January I should be out of the boot.  Yikes thats a long time.  And 6 weeks is a long time to take showers with a garbage bag on my leg.

When we got home very late that night, I gave Jake an athletic sock so he could look more sporty, and then we compared casts.




If any of you are going through some tough times, just read and remember this:




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  1. Wow!! Does that mean you can not drive for 6 or 10 weeks? I am so sorry…


    Life is precious, life is fragile and life is short. Live each day with kindness & mindfulness.

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