Holiday Weather, Thoughts, and Wishes

The Christmas wrapping is done.  I finished it up last night while looking at my pretty tree and listening to beautiful Christmas carols   Brooks & Dunn.  Yea, don’t judge.  I did start by listening to Jennifer Nettles.  And if you haven’t heard this, you will love it.

And then, I saw her singing in the tribute to Brooks and Dunn and well, that was over an hour of some really good music.

Now that I am out of my cast, I actually thought of some benefits of having a cast!

(1)  You don’t ever have to find that mate for your socks in the dryer.  You are only wearing one at a time.  (2)   Your leg under the cast stays very warm in this winter weather.  Unfortunately,  those bare toes are very difficult to keep covered.  (3)  Your razor lasts twice as long…   although you may dull a pair of scissors once the cast comes off.   (4) You can pretend that you had an awesome downhill ski accident instead of the dull reality.  And my favorite: (5)  You always wear comfy loose clothes because that’s all that will fit over your cast.

Along with me getting out of my cast, so did Jake.  He is doing very well.  I still let him out separately from the other dogs so he doesn’t jump, run, and otherwise go dog-crazy.  When the other two are out, he keeps his eyes on them.




It’s spring!   This afternoon, I checked outside when the dogs were barking.  Apparently they didn’t know what this creature was!


I hope you all have a peaceful, happy Christmas Eve day and evening.  My son and family will be flying and I hope their flights and yours, if you are traveling, are problem free.   And those family members and friends of mine  who are working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day – nurses, doctors, law enforcement and firemen – please be safe.  I thank you and love you.

Robin, have an extra cup on me.

One step at a time,


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