Home Alone – A Day in My Life With No Supervision

This title alone should scare you.

Knowing that I was going to have about 36 hours on my own was a scary yet exhilarating feeling.  (I’m adding as much drama as I can).   Now you must realize that alone means alone with 3 dogs, 3 cats and two horses.   And alone with my dogs is this:


First up, necessary chores.   The horses.   Masks and capes to fight evil.  Well ok just the masks.



Then the trough needs filling.  I have to set a timer on my phone because I have been known to leave the water running and running and…..

The water is crystal clear – honest.  I know it looks like mud!

I also noted that it was over 80 degrees at 9 a.m.  I want to run my trail today but it’s Sunday so it will be too crowded to take Jake with me, so maybe this evening when its cooler, too.

Then I did a little window shopping – on line.  Isn’t Paypal the bomb?


I found some shade outside and was able to finish reading my book, ‘Murder House’ by James Patterson.   Great book and I can’t believe I haven’t read more of his books.  I’ve been so hooked on the audio books that I barely actually read anymore.

Oh here is another picture of my “alone” time.


The other day I worked with my horse Durango in the round pen.  After a few moments where he was wondering if I was really serious, he began doing great.  I was so proud!  Then I put Banjo in the round pen.  He should know more because he was a trained ‘cowboy’ horse.  The poor thing, he just stood there staring at me!  So I brought out the Clinton Anderson DVDs today to brush up on my training.

Suddenly I caught Jake watching/listening!

I have never seen my dogs pay attention to the TV unless a dog barks or something.  So what was it?  Could he see the horse?  Or maybe, like the rest of us, he likes that Australian accent.  🙂


After putting the horses up, I waited a while till the temperature lowered.


At about 7:00 it was still 80°,  but Jake and I headed out to the trails anyway.  I am trying a new running app.  I usually use “Map my run” which I have no problems with but had heard many runners talking about “Runkeeper”.  I’ll let you know after a few runs what I think.

The first mile of this trail is a zig zag up hill.  Kills me.  But the view at the top is great.  According to Runkeeper – 5,986 ft.

Behind me is the result of a forest fire – seven years ago!

When we finished, these guys were waiting for us in the pasture.

And now I am watching a movie I picked up.  The Circle.  The ratings weren’t all that great but it has Tom Hanks and Emma Watson – how bad could it be?  So far so good, but I’ll let you know after I finish it.

And now you must be exhausted!  And there is still another day to go!

Do you need some motivation or encouragement to do a workout today?  Here’s Drill Sergeant Finnegan cheering you on!


One step at a time,


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