Home Sweet Home

We arrived home Tuesday morning at about 3 a.m.   No matter what time it is, it always feels so good to be home.


The pups went crazy!!  Sure they wanted to know what we brought them, but I still think they were happy to see us.


Luckily they didn’t mind going right back to bed.    Once I got up,  the day was spent unpacking and taking care of some phone calls.  Jake stuck with me like glue.  If I moved – he moved.



Jack was a little more vocal and appeared to be threatening some bodily harm if he is left home again….



While  PH was at work, I decided to have my very own spa night.  First, collect all the tools of the trade:



I usually start with a masque.  Two amazing things about this:   1) I have never used a face masque that was quite this color before, and 2) I cannot believe I am about to post this picture:


I already regret it.


Gus wants to make sure none of this stuff is edible.



While filing, polishing and drinking my coffee I was able to get caught up on a lot of my DVR’d shows.    Heaven.



I imagine that this is what you look like when I tell some of my hilarious (to me) stories:


Hope your week has started out good!





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