Horses, Hair, and Happy

Work went by pretty fast this morning but I was starving when I got home.  I’m not sure why sometimes my breakfast will last with me and sometimes it won’t.  I ate everything in sight.


I was anxious to do some things that I’ve been putting off for a while.  First the garage, or should I say, my Workout Room.   Sweeping and cleaning, as best I could.  Then I hung a bulletin board in front of the treadmill.  I thought I’d like to put some ‘motivational’ things  on it.   Just a start…..


Now I can look at the t.v., look at the board, glance to the side out the window, or at my ipad.  Oh and then there’s my music.  Anything to get my mind off the miles of going nowhere.

Then out to the barn.  I was pretty excited to use the new clippers I bought.  It has been a long time since they’ve had clippers anywhere near them, so I planned on taking it slowly.  But they were both champs.  I got their fetlocks (ankles) done (they looked like Clydesdales with all that hair), a nice bridle path, and their face and muzzles.   Here is Banjo’s cute little soft and hair-free muzzle.



I have a little before and during pic of his legs.


Don’t worry – what looks like huge gouges were all smoothed out when I was done!  Banjo was not happy when he heard me say “Ooops”.

You can see all the hair off his feet.


I was pretty happy with how good they were during this scary procedure.  This has been quite a week full of grooming!  Don’t worry I won’t be working on the cats next.


With all the trimming of hair, I thought these facts would be appropriate (and oh so useful!)

Trivia of the Day for Wednesday

Length of beard an average man would grow if he never shaved: 27.5 feet.

Amount of time an average man spends shaving: 3,350 hours.

Number of whiskers on the face of the average man: 30,000.

Number of inches whiskers grow per year 5.5.  (I wonder if our legs are the same)

The average man sweats 2 1/2 quarts every day. (Eww, where did that come from?)


Have a good, hair-free day.




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