Hot Dogs, Cool Mountains and Getting Things Done

Both of us got up this morning with a to-do list.  It was Monday morning and we had phone calls, emails, and appointments to cancel or schedule.   We got up super early.  Whats that a sign of?  Never mind, I probably don’t need to know.












What could she possibly be signing about?

The temperatures rose so fast heading into the 90s.  After having two days where the pain in my heel was easily a 9 or 10 on that one to ten pain scale.  I’ve been doing my stretching, my icing and wearing my night brace to bed.  But today?  I got up and it was like I was cured!  I have been wearing a new sandal called  Oofas.  I highly recommend them.  You can really feel the arch support.


Because of the heat, we decided to head up into the mountains behind our house.  The road can be VERY steep at times.




The dogs were SO excited!

As we got quite a ways up the mountain we found this beautiful stream.












Gus absolutely LOVES the water.  When we stopped he headed straight into the water.  The Doodles?  Not so much.  But soon they were dipping their feet in.  This picture shows the very first time Luna went all the way across.  I’m pretty sure its only because they follow Gus everywhere.


Maybe they just don’t like cold water – actually neither do I.

After taking a new road, we came upon this fabulous reservoir!



It would have been a great place to spend the whole day.  I was in total awe of the beauty and serenity.   Gus was in total awe of how many laps he could swim.


As we returned, the mountains were a little hazy but just look!















And of course, Smokey was there to remind us of how bad the drought is.  We have several wildfires in Wyoming right now.













For dinner we sat outside and had a cookout and picnic.  Did you know dogs LOVE corn on the cob?













Tomorrow is my appointment with the Podiatrist.  Hurray.  I am really putting all my hopes on these orthotics he is giving me.  I haven’t talked to anyone who has suffered from Plantar Fasciitis nor have I talked to anyone with orthotics.   Please say a little   huge prayer that I will now be on my way to recovery.











There’s a rumor going around my household that someone could be getting a little cranky (OK, so a lot bitchy) lately because I can’t run.









So have a wonderful day.   Keep moving – for me – and for yourself.



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