Hurting, Healing, Two Steps Forward – One step Back

10 days – what’s that in blog years?  100 years?  You’re asking yourself, “10 days? what the heck is she talking about.  But secretly  I’m hoping you are saying “10 days?  It seems like months since I’ve gotten  a blog from her….”

I also realize that when you have headlines like “Brangelina is over” – why would ANYone miss my blog?  I even had a hard time concentrating.

I guess I could do a short medical update – short because let’s face it no one really wants to hear a medical update even when they say “How are you?”

All the stitches are out of my hands.  Hooray!  The left hand is still in its brace for 3-4 more weeks.  The movement is still doing well, can’t quite do the pinch thing with my thumb and fingers but still doing well.  These are my goals:

thumb fingers

The heel – well about the same – any length of time on it results in pain.   There was an afternoon where I was running around the house with a flyswatter,  screaming excitedly with each fly death I was responsible for.  Suddenly, near tears, I looked at patient husband and said “I used to be call myself Detective, then I called myself a Runner……now?  Now I am a housefly killer.  He was speechless at the tears.

Yes,  I have had plenty of my own pity parties.



And then I even invited some of my closest friends who were also inconsolable.



Enough is enough Nick.

I spent a week with my sister-in-law last wee going to appointments, seeing a girl movie, lots of great girl-talk, out to dinner at an amazing restaurant as well as other things that may or may not hit this blog.  I mean when I tell the world about so much, couldn’t I be a “mystery woman” for once?



Oh wait did I mention my computer was completely down for 3 days!!!!  A little computer repair/part replacement by way of Youtube.   Without saying any more, PH and I took a drive to the Billings Mac store.  Nothing major that they couldn’t fix and now I’m obviously up and running (poor use of words) up and blogging.

Going through town we saw this guy about 5 feet from the curb.


After looking at us and not seeing anything very interesting, he went back to eating.

Then we went under an overpass and due to PH’s amazing eyesight, he showed me something I actually have never seen before!  Honest!


I was telling him (the owl) that he was beautiful and amazing when he gave me this look.  I’m just not sure what it meant.

For some reason, he reminds me of Nick Offerman….




OK everyone let’s all move forward — one step at a time.  Sometimes we take a couple of steps backward, stumble, stumble and fall.  Sometimes there are people there for us and sometimes we gotta get back up on our own.  But know that there are so many people in the world who will be there as you take those next steps – one step at a time.



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