I Already Miss Summer

Remember just the other day, I mentioned that it was the first day of Autumn?  Well apparently that’s over…   The last couple of mornings were in the 20s.  Yes in the 20s.  The days were hovering in the 40s, add some clouds and rain.  Oh wait a minute, I think I just described the days of Autumn.

autumn – Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.com


Autumn is the season after summer, when leaves fall from trees. It’s also the season when the days get shorter and colder, and everything turns brown and drab, ..


Jake the Doodle is doing fine.  By evening he gets very restless in his cage and just looks at me and barks.  And that continues until I let him lie on the floor next to me.



He seems kinda stinky.  But can’t have a bath.  Do you think maybe applied directly to the source ….

Pet Odor Eliminator



It has onnly been 1 week.  Tomorrow he has an appointment with the vet to have his bandages changed, etc.



But here’s some excitement.  Last spring I started listening to the running podcast from Runner’s Connect.   It is narrated by Tina Muir and each podcast is totally different.  Interviews with Dieticians,  elite runners, 80-yr.-old runners, coaches, etc.  When I signed up to get these podcasts directly, it said I had a chance each month of winning a set of Jabra earphones.  Yeah, right.

Well guess what!!!!  I won at the last drawing!  I got the Jabra Sport Pulse.  Its wireless, checks my heartrate and more!  I haven’t gotten it all figured out but they are super comfortable and I can’t wait to use them.




These guys know what to do on days like this….




Another good thing to do was vote!  Yep no need to wait for November.  Plus, its fast and there are no annoying people with signs and pins and whatever.  Early voting?  Done.



Talk to you tomorrow!

One step at a time,



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