I answer to both Grammy and Nana – love it.

So many fun times where do I begin??

Ahnika and I went for a walk.  She is quite serious about taking her babies in the stroller.  She definitely was on a mission.


We aren’t quite sure why, but she has begun calling me “Grammy”, even though Alistair calls me “Nana”.  Either one (or both) is fine with me.


But she’s not so happy with me when it’s nap time.  Even with Minnie.IMG_0165


Because my  Grandson’s birthday is just a few days after I leave, we decided to have an early party.  We started by eating dinner out by the bay watching the ferry and the seagulls.  This guy seemed to be the boss.  Probably because he was twice as wide as any other.



Then home for a delicious surprise birthday cake that Sarah made.  Alistair was really quite surprised or at least has accomplished the “I can’t believe it” look.



When opening the box that I had sent ahead, the bubble-wrap snake was really fun.


When we got up this morning, it was swimming lesson time!



Ahnika and her day care watch as brother swims.



And then it was time for the little fish with no fear!  The only crying was when she had to get out of the water.



Then I had some alone time with the kids so Mommy and Daddy could have some time together, too.



Sometimes it’s o.k. to have little sister looking over your shoulder.IMG_0166


I’m so glad they are avid readers.



Did I mention how nice it is to be back in the land of Dunkin’?



I have been switching and wearing different shoes each day to see if any of them make my heel feel better but by the end of the day the heel still hurts.  Patient Husband has made me an appointment with a Sports Medicine Podiatrist when I get home so hopefully I can find out what to do to get me back out running the roads.  Funny how we moan and groan when its time to run, but when we can’t run, that is all we can think about!


At least every night, without fail, I’ve got Buddy.



If you have no pain…….keep moving.







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