I Cannot, Will Not, Share My Trail

It seems like this week flew by.  It could be because I saw spring turn into winter and I don’t even remember seeing summer.

I decided to read about some local running trails around here.   Unfortunately I found out that 2 of the trails I wanted to try are known to have rattlesnakes.  But not to worry,  they are only around from May to September.  Oh yay. 

Now let me explain.  I hate, abhor, and detest snakes.  There was a rumor that I tried to shoot a garden snake once.   But there is no evidence to that story…..      Anyway, if there is a chance that one of those may greet me – I will not be on that trail.

The roads and pavement suddenly seem safer !

Image result for dangerous traffic gif


I prefer to see more of these hens.  They are running across the road a lot near my house.  I wish their heads were bigger.   I don’t mean to be critical, but don’t they look out of proportion?


I was able to talk to my grandchildren on Facetime, and that’s always fun.



I saw some pictures labeled “Dramatic Cats” that were pretty funny:


So I took this one of Jack.  Isn’t it cute how he’s balancing  there and playing with the flower?

That picture was taken just prior to this one:


So now you see Jack isn’t the cutest cat in town.  Well I’m waiting for my dogs to develop this musical talent:



Its the weekend so lets get ready!   I hope you have a great time.


One step at a time,





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