I don’t like Winter in Spring

When I left work today at noon,  I fully intended on arriving home in the 8 minutes it usually takes me.  But the more I hit the gas, the more the tires spun until I was sitting in the middle of the road going nowhere.  Yep all that slushy snow had just enough ice to keep me from getting up the hill.  Patient husband drove down with our truck that has chains on the tires.



About an hour later the UPS truck pulled in our driveway.   I love getting packages from UPS.  But then he was stuck….oh, so stuck.     It took him over an hour to get the truck out of the driveway.

I wonder what its like to live in Arizona……




So as I sit here with absolutely no desire to go outside in the blowing snow, I’ve been reading some motivational statements


I really like this……And it was SO inspiring I pulled on my running shoes…  NOT.   Nope,  it didn’t get me out the door……… Maybe tomorrow….

Unlike me, the dogs LOVE the snow.  Gus rolls and rolls and the puppies run around shoving their faces into the snow.  Not sure what thats about.  This is Jake when he came inside:


But now we are all cuddled up warm and cozy..



Have a great weekend!






2 thoughts on “I don’t like Winter in Spring

  1. I don’t understand why you and Patient Husband were not out there pushing the UPS driver out. It’s the least you could do making him deliver a package in the ice. The driver’s here just throw your package in the snowbank at the bottom of your driveway. Arizona is where I’m spending winters as soon as I figure out how to do that.

    1. Well Patient Husband was sleeping at working midnight shift and I did go out and wish him luck…. I also extended an invitation to wait inside if he called a tow truck!

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