I Love to Travel But There’s No Place Like Home

H E L L L  O O O O O O ?    Anybody out there?     Do you remember me?   What the heck happened ??

I think I mentioned in my last blog – umm last weekend – that I was flying to Seattle.  I work for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) so I was going out there to work on a ‘cold case’.  Leaving Sunday night and coming home on Friday.  So I certainly thought there would be time for a blog in there somewhere, right?

Here I am right before landing in Seattle.  Exactly the weather I expected.


On Tuesday, we were deployed  (I like to use that word.  I feel all SWAT-ish) to a new case of a missing child 1-1/2 hours  north of us.  We responded as fast as we could.

I cannot say enough about the hard work, long hours, and teamwork  done by all.  NCMEC, FBI and the local Sheriff’s Office.  It was amazing and I am in awe of some of those brains.


Tuesday night – 1:30 am, Wednesday night – almost midnight, and then Thursday afternoon she was recovered!! The happiness in the room was overwhelming.  We were able to get back to Seattle and catch our scheduled flights.  This is Seattle when we returned.


As I waited in the terminal watching it rain, I tried something spectacular.  Starbucks oatmeal!  It was sooo good.  Even their coffee that I normally find bitter, tasted good.


Could it be because for the last few days we had been feasting on pizza, donuts and bagels, twizzlers, pretzels, cold pizza, and not so fresh donuts?  No I think it was actually that good.

So Friday I returned to ‘Still-Patient Husband’.   Everyone was so happy to have me home.  The dogs were literally piled in the car.


Note:  They have tons of room but choose to sit on top of eachother.

I was plastered with kisses.  All.over.my.face.   And that was the dogs.

Its nice to be home no matter where you go or for how long.  There’s nothing like your own bed and your own hot shower.  As Dorothy would say:  “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home”.

I want to show you a birthday gift I came home to.


How nice is that?

And how did they know?

I hope you all had a good week and this weekend is fun and relaxing.  I’m off to do expense reports, followups and more paperwork…….




5 thoughts on “I Love to Travel But There’s No Place Like Home

  1. Hey great news on your deployment. And it had a happy ending. I was deployed to Boone, NC last week for a Project Alert case of a missing 19 year old college student. We were well received which I was thankful for being it was my first deployment.

    So what was the birthday gift? The pic wouldn’t open for me.

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