If at First You Don’t Succeed, It’s OK

What a beautiful day I woke up to.  Great temperatures and beautiful blue sky.


I tackled a shower all by myself – woohoo.    Then let the horses out into their pasture – all by myself.   I am so independent today.  The next challenge for me was to go for a walk.  I know this sounds crazy but for 3 months I have not laced up the running shoes and headed out the door unless it was to work, the store or other short distance.  But I have been invited by two of my girlfriends to go on walks so I wanted to do a practice run so to speak.

I headed out to the road which is gravel.  hmmm not so great.  So I have made an initial rule – that being that when I start running it will be on pavement.  The gravel underfoot was just too unsteady and occasionally I could feel a pebble under my heel that hurt.  When I got to pavement I just kept heading downhill because there is no other option.  NOTE:  If you decide to live on the side of a mountain, downhill and uphill may be your only route.

I went 1 mile downhill……..



and then turned around and headed back.


The whole time I was pumping my arms, and stretching them overhead.  I did this because  1) I looked like a badass runner who is recovering from an injury,  and  2) it might make me burn more calories so these extra pounds will “Melt” away, and  3) because  I like to entertain the traffic going by.


I got home and was surprisingly sweaty.  I changed clothes and put on my comfy rubber sandals (oofos) and caught up on some emails.  And then I stood up and OUCH – that damn heel pain.  I feel like I have earned the right to  say damn here because of the frustration level I have reached in the past 3 months.

I have to admit the tears started to flow when just walking brought me back to step one.  Patient Husband took this time to remind me  2 miles is not “starting out slowly” and that I have become very impatient and may never completely heal if I don’t give it time.  (insert pouting, sad face here).

I had the perfect antidote set up for the afternoon….my hair appointment.  Its really like a spa.  Lots of fun chitchatting with all the girls, being pampered and those wonderful scalp massages during the rinse out.

Check out the shoes in the next chair.


A few moments of creativity and got my wreath back up.  Ta-Da   Fall is officially at my house now.



I got an email today from the Mickelson Trail Race photographer from the 1/2 marathon in June.  I just thought it was too cute not to share.  I wasn’t able to make the dam’s eyes spin like they did in the email


I hope your Friday is a great beginning to your weekend.


Take it one step at a time…..maybe just a few……and maybe baby steps…



One thought on “If at First You Don’t Succeed, It’s OK

  1. Such an upbeat blog….even though you must be so disappointed at the reoccurrence of pain:((. Maybe you need those shoes for the extra padding and think of how tall you would be!!
    Miss you, M

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